Sunday, May 2, 2010


Just kidding...I am at work on this beautiful sunday...

BUT, I am listening to Carla Bruni and pretending that I am working in France....really weird...I know...

This is what I see out my window right now:

That is a really big looks more like a door. You didn't know that Windows are the size of doors in Paris did you??

Anyways...back to papier work...


  1. Haha! Ok, so I gave you the award you gave me...I feel like that is not allowed here in blogland but too bad! :)

  2. Of course they are. I try to tell my Husband we should use doors for windows all the time. He won't bite. He has that simple contractor mind and zero creativity.

    I'll pretend I'm in Paris too. Can you please pass a pain au chocolate?