Saturday, May 8, 2010

How many times can I say "I'm Back"?

Is it strange that when I don't blog, I feel like my blog must feel some sort of resentment slash abandonment by me?

Because that is exactly how I feel.

I have been having a blog guilt trip lately.


I swear. My mind has been occupied by a menacing monster.

And by menacing monster I mean my obsessive thoughts about my procedure this Monday.

The procedure where they will be PUTTING ME TO SLEEP!!

Why is this the most terrifying thing? I would rather jump out of an airplane then be put to sleep....well that is not true. I never want to jump out of an airplane. But really.

I just need to breathe...Nice even breaths...AH!

Anywyas. Once I am not freaking out about forcibly being put to sleep, I will pay more attention to my blog.

Because I really do miss it.


  1. Just don't tell the nurses any dirty jokes when you come to like I did ;) Good luck!

  2. I hope everything with your procedure "came out" good! :-)