Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Will you be my Valentine?

My boyfriend is one lucky chap.

Not only because I am extremely beautiful, funny, brilliant etc etc, BUT because he does not need to wrangle the sun, moon and stars for me to be happy on Valentines Day.

It's true!

He doesn't even need to buy me flowers.

I don't know when it happened...or how...but I really have an adverse reaction to Valentines Day. I think that it is just plain silly.

Sure. A day where we just stop to smell the roses of love. That sounds just lovely. But that is not what Valentines Day really is.  It is about all of your girlfriends in the office getting big displays of roses sent to them from their beloved while YOU have to wait till you get home for your grocery store bought 1/2 dozen roses.

Why do they call it half dozen? Why not just call it "I wasn't really willing to spring for an extra 6 flowers for you"...

It is about all of your girlfriends at school getting candy grams from their secret admirers, while you only get one from your best friend Lauren. Thanks Lauren. I sent you one too. These heart lollipops really are gross...we should have saved our $3 for the ice cream man...

Or about watching couple after couple asking for a table for two...at TGI Fridays!! Really...I used to work there. I have seen it first hand. Nothing says "I love you" like taking your beloved out for a 3 entree meal for under $10.

Ok, ok...I sound bitter. BUT that all ends now. Because I am going to have a lovely Valentines Day this year. No outlandish displays...just a day at the Getty Museum.

Happy Valentines Day!


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  2. GIRL!!!!!!! YOU ARE BAT SHIT CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ha Ha..I see Matthews comment was removed. It must have been a good one!

  4. YES I remember that from when I worked at Fridays... but as sad as that was, it kind of sucked more to be working on Valentine's night, instead of having a boyfriend to be cheap with me LOL. I just really liked that sizzling chicken and cheese.

  5. I looooooove sizzling chicken and cheese....