Friday, February 5, 2010

Bat Shit Book Review: Wuthering Heights


I have to be honest. When I bought this English classic I didn't even realize what I was buying. The cover was pink and creepy, and I had to have it. I am like a 4 year old who sees something shiny and wants it even though they have NO CLUE what it is. 

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë is the story about a family that is brought together and torn apart by love. The story is first narrated by Mr. Lockwood. A strapping young chap who is in the mood for a little solitary confinement. He rents a little secluded home where he can be alone and upon meeting his eccentric landlord is desirous to learn the story of him. Thank the good stars above that the maid in his own living quarters is privy to every detail in this mans life, as she has been with the family since childhood. She delves into a story that not only takes Mr. Lockwood but also the reader on a dreary thrill ride. Love! Hate! Passion! Revenge! This book is the forefather of the modern day soap opera! 

When I first started reading this book, I imagined that it would have a light and airy "Sense and Sensibility" feel. However, I was mistaken. It was dark. Beyond dark! I have to say, that at some points I was shocked at Emily Brontë for what she did to the characters that I had started to favor. But in the end I have to say, I utterly enjoyed it.

Emily Brontë was part of a family of a family of writers. I have decided that for my next reading venture I am going to read her sister Charlotte's, Jane Eyre. I am interested in seeing how their writing stlyes compare Who knows! Maybe after that I will read Anne's, Agnes Grey. How fun!

Also, I would like to publicly address my friend Chad: I finished it!


  1. Oh I love Jane Eyre..I read it in school. Just checked out Chads new fun!!

  2. Hey Sarah...Kristy's BFF Tara here (how not cool am I?) I just had to leave a note because Wuthering Heights is the BEST BOOK EVER..I even collect copies of them...yes, of the same book...and yes, a little obsessed. Glad you loved it. I had to put it down the first read through, it was so depressing and I think I, sadly, am in love with dear Mr. Heathcliff, though he's really not the sort of man you should find yourself falling in love read Jane Eyre. You will love Mr. Rochester...T