Thursday, February 11, 2010

Everything's coming up roses!


I am in a really good mood today.
I don't know what it is.
I feel so happy. 
Like an Ingrid Michaelson song...
...or a GAP commercial.

I don't know where this "everything's coming up roses" feeling came from. Possible because:

  • Kris Carr commented on my blog. Well at least I think that she did. I thought it was so lovely I called my mom to tell her ALL about it. Or did I email my mom...? Anywho...
  • I have drank pomegranate juice 3 days in a row. Every time I drink that stuff it puts me in a jammin mood. 
  • Yoga. My boyfriend and I are starting a serious yoga lifestyle. He doesn't know how serious yet....but trust is serious.
  • Remember when I told you about that girl Liz quitting? Ya. Still pretty pleased about that.
  • Anais. My boyfriends niece is the cutest thing ever...don't believe me? 
Right?? Her parents are staying with my boyfriends parents...It is so lovely to have a baby around! And her parents aren't half bad either.

Okay. I will stop now, before you start getting nauseous...

In other girlfriend Janelle is almost at the point of finding out what sex her baby is going to be...I am going on the record and saying that it is a girl. I may or may not be right...Only time (and the ultrasound technician) will tell.  


  1. She is just beautiful...seeing that pretty little face is bound to put you in a good mood.

  2. Sarah, Yes! She is beautiful and so adorable!
    Thanks so much fot your lovely comments on my blog.
    Your blog is eye-candy.
    Have a great day!
    Betty xx

  3. Oh that lil girl is sooo cute! I must have one of those! Im almost at the point that if it is a boy i can still dresss him up in frills for a lil bit right? all babies look the same at birth.... haha