Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Every girl should be best friends with their hair stylist...


I have a serious and devout love.

Nothing could tarnish it.

It is stronger than the bonds that hold this awe inspiring universe together.

It fills me with such joy, I can hardly put it into words.

It is the love...for my hair stylist. 

Not only is he my hair stylist ( guru, really...) but I must say that he is one of my most dear friends.

On the way to one of my most treasured appointments I will send him a text message:


He usually agrees, so to Starbucks I go. I get him something chalk full of caffeine and I get myself a Green Tea frapucinno (because I think that it looks cute, not because I like to drink it.)

And once I walk through those salon doors it begins. I am the center of his universe and he is mine. 

While he is turning my hair into the beautiful color which nature denied me, we delve into persistent conversation. We talk about everything under the sun,  moon and stars. 

Break ups

Make ups


My momma (My mom gets her hair done by him too)   

Our love  lives

Orange County Housewives (Atlanta too)

Our plans for the weekends

How cute are our best friends?!

Oh my gosh! You are so CUTE! 
No YOU'RE so cute!
I love you!
I love you TOO!

Ok...well maybe not that last part. But seriously. I have never enjoyed getting my hair done so much! 

And he does AMAZING hair... and I am not being partial. Not only do I love love love him, but I also think that he is an amazing hair artist.
I tell everyone I know to go see him, and if they don't, then I write them off as fools and discontinue to associate with them. Well not really, but sometimes I really want to. 
Anyways. I love Jesse (my hair stylist...did I forget to tell you his name?) 

If you live anywhere within the Los Angeles, CA area you should consider having him tousle your tresses. 



  1. this is so cute! I LOVE you!

  2. Well I am glad I go to him too because I dont want to be written off by you!

    I love him too! :-P

  3. I have to agree..Jesse is amazing at doing hair.

  4. Ok after reading that how can I not go!? Do you know if he does the hair straightening thing..the one not with chemicals? I am thinking about doing that since my hair is spastic! What do you think?

  5. He is a master of the Brazilian blow out! I fb you his info!

  6. i love Brazilian Blow outs!

  7. Next time I'm in LA and need my hair done, I'm contacting you! What salon does he work at? I'm really jealous, b/c I never have long-term relationships with my hairstylists. This needs to change!

  8. I still have to go visit him!

    By the way, I heard this gem while at Runyon "You don't sleep around on your hair stylist!"