Friday, January 22, 2010

You may call it an obsession, you may call it an addiction, you may want to call Hoarders and/ or Intervention on A&E...

However, I call it a passion.

A passion for the written word.

More specifically, the written word in the form of a book.

I love books. I own hundreds of them, and I treasure them all.

It starts at the bookstore (or Target...obviously.) A cover catches my eye. I always judge books by their cover. Always. I will pick it up and continue along the isles, picking up other books which covers I fancy. This process can take 3 minutes or 3 hours. When I am finally through scouring all the possible books that could be mine, I go through my pickings. Which one feels right in my hands? Which one smells like it is hot off the press? Which one will neatly fit into the open slots in my bookshelves?

And then it is decided.

I take the book(s) home excitedly. Rushing to introduce them to their new friends among my shelves. Where it sits. And sits. And sits some more. Until I am finished reading the book I am previously traveling through. At which point I walk over to my bookshelf...glance at the titles...which one will I read now? There are many that I haven't read...It is like my own personal bookstore.  

I choose and the adventure begins. I never know what a book is about when I start reading it...or at least I try not to. I like jumping in feet first and want every twist and turn to surprise me. When I am finished it will be returned to my shelves and the process starts from the beginning again.

Except now, I have decided that I am going to do mini-book reviews on this here blog. Not like anyone really cares what I think about so-and-so book...but book reports were my FAVORITE thing when I was in school and I am going to relive it.

Next up...The Red Tent by Anita Diamant


  1. So I won't be able to park my car in the garage because of your look forward to your book reviews!!

  2. girl you are bat shit crazy!