Friday, January 22, 2010

TARGET...should change its name to MAGNET

I believe that way back in 1960's, before I was a glimmer of hope in my mothers eye, the man who founded the Target store was thinking about me (personally.) He knew me...almost every aspect of me...and most importantly, he knew EXACTLY what it was that would bring me the greatest joy.

And so it began! He set into motion the creation of a store that would bring me optimum bliss.


Since he (the Target creator) built this mega-retail store solely for my enjoyment, it has always been a dominant figure in my life. Sometimes when I mentally review my past, I base each time period by the Target that I preferred at the time, which I would lovingly refer to as "My Target." The layout is always the same from Target to Target (with only minor variations) making each one feel like home. A white and red home. A red and white home with thousands upon thousands of different items to add to my bounty. I neglect nothing. I tend to each department...I cruise the isles and circle the clothing racks thoroughly (what if there is something hidden within the shelves that could possibly be my next most prized possession.)

But now...I am in limbo.

I am moving within the next couple weeks (destination unknown) and I don't know which Target to call my own. I am a wonderer. A vagrat floating around from Target to Target. AN ORPHAN! No bonds made with any of the check out people!? This is getting really scary...

WHAT if the Target that I move the closest to is the worst Target ever built (everyone can't be perfect, can they??) What then??? Or what...what if there is not Target at all. What a dim prospect that would be.

I will have to modify my searches by Target locations rather then price, neighborhood quality...etc etc... Which means that I will be moving nowhere near Vermont, as they don't have any Targets. How dreadful.

And the search continues...


  1. And its only gonna get better...yipee!!

  2. Haha Sarah! You are so funny. They way you feel about Target is the way I feel about Trader Joes!

    I am glad we are blogging friends now!! :)