Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mind your own bees wax

MOM: What is Matthews email address?
ME: Why?
MOM: No reason...
ME: ...
MOM: So when are you going to get engaged?
ME: MOM...we have been dating for like...3 months!
MOM: So.
ME: Exactly.
MOM: Well you guys have been like best friends for like over a year.
ME: What am I supposed to do?
MOM: Just give me his email...I am going to tell him, "If you like it then you should put a ring on it" Hahahaha! Aren't I so funny?
ME: No.
MOM: Oh fine...I will just post it on my Facebook wall.

Mothers these days...


  1. I can't help it...its one of those "mother" things...

  2. Sarah,
    You think getting the third degree about when you're getting married after 3 months of dating?? just wait until you've been together for 3 years. The the topic of conversation is no longer just casual but mandatory. Everywhere I go I am constantly getting asked this question. My usual response: "Whenever you want to start to pay for our wedding is when we'll get married."
    Good luck.

    -Lindsay Geller