Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Last year around this time was quite possibly the most fun of my life. I was living with my best friend since the 2nd grade, Lauren. We both had full time jobs and lived in quite possibly the cutest apartment ever. I loved every aspect of my life. My roommate, my friends, my job (the loving my job lasted for exactly 2.5 weeks)...

But there was one part of my daily life that I loved the most.

I would leave work around 6pm. Exhausted. 9 - 10 hours working with 6 of the most obnoxious men in existence (this is before I took my rightful throne at my family business.) I had an hour plus drive home depending on the traffic...but that didn't matter. I was happy. I was heading home to one of my greatest joys...


Glorious Cheese.

Lauren and I shared a deep and meaningful love...for cheese. Port salut to be exact...

When I came home the first thing that I searched for was the signature orange rind of that treasured cheese. Paired with a glass of Pinot Noir and I was in heaven. Choirs of angels would sing as Lauren and I indulged in what often times would be our dinner.

Cheese and wine.

It really brings people together, this wine and cheese stuff... While we ate and drank Lauren and I would talk about our days, our friends, whatever hokey television show was currently on. Although we have proudly called each other best friends for the last 15 years, I would like to say that the year of wine and cheese really brought us together. But times change...and she ran off to get married and left me to my own cheese devices. Sigh...Oh how I miss those days...

But there is hope.

Hope for the future.

This Thursday my boyfriend and I will be attending a Cheese 101 class at a local cheese shop! We will be taught the history, origin and the basic facts of cheese. I cannot wait to share my cheese knowledge with lesser cheese folk! I am having fantastic dreams of becoming a cheese SNOB!

"What? You do know about so-and-so cheese?" ::scoffs:: "Well let me tell you, it originated in ??? BC and was served to the princes of Egypt with olives and wine...I cannot believe you can be SOOOO uneducated!"

OH MY GOSH! How exciting!

I really can't wait.

I will let you know how this cheese class goes...


  1. Will there be a test at the end of the class?

  2. Love it! I am kind of sad there is no Like Button!