Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bat Shit Book Review

As I previously stated, I try to keep every book a "surprise" by not knowing anything about it. The description on the back is strictly off limits. I must say that I have never enjoyed this rule of mine so much as with this book!

The story is voiced by Dinah. She walks you through her life story, from the meeting of her parents to her death. Not knowing a thing about the book, I was unsure what time period it was taking place. It could have been about a girl from the beginning of civilization or current time. I really did not know until my keen sense of literary detective skills kicked in.

While reading, the names in the book seemed familiar. Not just the names, but the groupings of the names...

Simon and Levi

It didn't finally "click" until the character of "Joseph" was introduced.

HOLY CROW! I was reading about Dinah...the only sister of Joseph. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat?!?


See Mom! All those years of private Catholic school actually paid off!!  Or maybe just the time you took me to go see Donny Osmond as Joseph paid off. Either way, money WELL spent!

Even though I could have figured this out by reading the back of the book, it was MUCH more fun coming to this conclusion on my own. I wanted to give myself a medal! How smart I am!!


Anita Diamant does something that the Bible often does not do, by giving a voice to a woman. In the Bible, Dinah is mentioned and easily forgotten. Her story is out shown by the awe worthy story of her brother Joseph. However the story of Dinah is amazing in its own right.

The red tent is where the women of Dinahs tribe gather to celebrate their birthing and menstrual cycles. Through their celebration they create a bond that stays with Dinah throughout her entire life.

I loved loved loved this book. It is full of love, passion, betrayal... all the ingredients for a good read. And no, it is not "chick lit." 

I give it an 8 out of 10 bat shit crazy points.

Next up: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë


  1. We actually saw Joseph were in Girl Scouts the first time and the guy from "The Young and The Restless" played Joseph. He wore a loincloth that would have made Tarzan blush! You probably don't remember, but I am sure all the Moms Great first book review!

  2. I bet you'll get halfway through your next book and get bored, haha. I kinda wanna read "The Red Tent" but now I know she dies!! lol

  3. haha. Yes, Chad, everyone dies!

    Speaking of, I'd love to read what a male has to say about this book. I've only read and heard female reviews. The men I know can't stomach menstrual blood (much like the men in Red Tent!) so to get them to read and finish this book might be a feat..