Monday, April 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home


These last two days I have spent my time moving into a new apartment.

I will not go into the dramatic details of:

  • it taking 4 months to make my dad co-sign a lease for me
  • realizing that I signed the lease for a unit that I decidedly did NOT want
  • my mom looking close to tears when she saw the apartment that I decidedly did NOT want
  • frantically calling the management company, the landlord, the POPE to figure out how to get into the one that I wanted.
  • the landlord telling me to just move into the one that I want (I swear to the higher powers that if something goes wrong and I am forced out of that place I will lose it)
No. I will not get into that.

Instead I am going to focus on the thing that is really keeping me up at night (besides my boyfriends snoring.)



Tossing some MORE!


How do I decorate this new home of mine.

I am planning on living there until someone sweeps me off my feet and puts a ring on my finger (a-hem) so I want to make it really cute.

For starters...


I have to have it.

Do you think that it looks like it belongs in your great aunt Bertha's house?


Oh how I love it...Oh how I long for it to sit against that lonely bare wall that is causing me such great stress.

But then what?

What matches with an olive green fainting sofa that once belonged to your great aunt Bertha?

Nothing that I own, that's for sure.

And since I live in a studio now, my bedding has to somewhat go, right?

SO what about this bedding?

My boyfriend said he hated it and that it looks like his Grandmas couch. 

I wonder if his Grandma and your great aunt Bertha were friends?

Anyways...this is all just SO stressful. I truly have no clue how to move on from here. And I need someone to give me like $4000 cash so that  I can make this place precisely how I want it.



  1. How exciting! I do believe you stress almost as much as I do about decorating (yet love it just as much as me!). I want to know more about why one unit was so terrible but the other was perfection!

  2. i LOVE that bedding. you can have super feminine stuff all you want!!! maybe that'll encourage him to put a ring on it... then he can have *some* say! ;)

  3. I like the bedding with the sofa...they both have the same vintage feel and they will look great in your place because that apartment is definitely "vintage"!

  4. I LOVE your bedding... we could have fun on it

  5. I left you a little present on my blog.... Check it out at