Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

Sometimes I say things without thinking...

"If I weren't me, I would SO want to be my friend"

Brittaney looks at me like I am from another planet. Who knows. She might be right. I don't remember my earliest years very well, and my mom claims she is "Canadian" ...maybe that is code for "really from Mars"

 Martian or not, I still would want to be my friend...

Did I tell you that Janelle is having a baby BOY?

Yes...after weeks and weeks of waiting, the ultrasound gods have finally breathed an answer into her waiting ear.

When she found out this glorious news she made the announcement, "IT'S A BOY!" at which point I sprung into action!

Off I went to get two of the most important things in the entire world. Onesies and socks (did you not know about onesies and socks being the MOST important thing in the entire world? Well good thing I told don't want to go wondering around not knowing that kind of vital information.)

I sent Janelle a very discreet text message, "What is your address?"

And then I sat at my desk for approximately 37 minutes arranging a box of worldly sustenance.

(worldly sustenance sideways...darn blogger...just tilt your head and you will get the picture)

I have a confession to make. 

I have been waiting over a month to do this.

I asked Janelle every other day for weeks, "When are you finding out the sex? Ok...Wait, can you tell me when you are going to find out? I know...You just told me yesterday...wait...are you finding out today?"

I was so darn excited!

After packing it, and then repacking it...and then repacking it one more time, and showing it to everyone in the office, and then taking 27 pictures of it, I sent it off (via my office's UPS account...thanks DAD!) to my lovely friend Janelle.

She loved it (because who wouldn't love the two most important things in the world?)

After I had finished my very important task, Brittaney agreed with me.

If she were me, but she wasn't me, she would so want to be friends with me too.


  1. you are so beautiful...! Lets get dinner tonight?

  2. Yay for Janelle! And what a nice package you sent her! Please tell her I say hi and congrats!!

    Also, love your new header!

  3. How cute...Tarjay? They have such cute baby favorite section of the store. Love the new header picture.

  4. It was the cutest surprise I have had yet... other then my lil man himself! I was literally smiling all day because of it. It really is great to have Miss Sarah Swift as a friend! But really Sarah, Its your turn to be preggers now!! yay!