Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Confession

Dear Bloggary,

I am writing you to say that I am sorry. Sorry for neglecting you the last week or two. Time flies by so quickly I hardly know how long it has been since you and I have sat down to have a heart to heart. I would like to say that so much has been going on, but it hasn't. Maybe that is the cause for our lack of communication? I have nothing to say? That doesn't sound like me though...I ALWAYS have something to say...

It must be that I have been feeling a lack of creativity. My driving force in life. How depressing.

But I feel the tide changing my dearest blog. I do! So many things are going to be happening, I just know it! I started school yesterday, so that should be interesting...right?

And today we find out whether Janelle is having a boy or a girl...that is REALLY interesting (and exciting!!)

And my tirade to clean this office is going strong....I will have to sit down and have a chat with you on that one too....

So, maybe today will bring a beautiful change?! And our relationship will flourish and be as wonderful as it was before....

Are you excited???? (Me too)




  1. You started school??? Don't be sad. My blog is boring. It's just a diary that I make public...hmmm...perhaps not smart.

  2. yeah jacinta, your blog sucks