Thursday, February 18, 2010

So yesterday...

...was Brittaney's birthday.

I love Brittaney.

I thank the powers that be, that she feels the need to work in the same office as my dysfunctional family.

I am on a mission to do any and everything to make her stay here a very very long time. I don't know what I would do with another Liz. I think that I would just keel over and die. That would make my mom so very sad. So since I don't want to make my mom sad....

I trucked it over to Whole Foods. If heaven has a grocery market, I hope it is a Whole Foods. Hell probably has a Ralph's...


I LOVE Whole Foods. It is AMAZING.

I went over to the bakery and set my eyes on the cakes. These were not your standard grocery store cakes. No sir. They were beautiful. It took me a good 20 minutes to pick out which one I wanted. I ended up getting a white cake with whipped cream frosting and strawberries. It was the prettiest (I judge cakes by their covers too.) $13.00

Equipped with my cake I headed over to the floral department. Little known fact. I am obsessed with the floral departments of Whole Foods. They always have THE most beautiful flowers...well except for the Whole Foods by my moms house. They do not have a floral department. Which is why I hardly acknowledge its existence. They should burn that place down. It is an abomination to every thing that is Whole Foods.

Moving on...

I found a sweet little bouquet with english roses, tulips and some other odds and ends. $9.00 the register, where I made the most fabulous discovery! A papyrus card display! I was like Lewis and Clark, traversing through the land of over priced but totally worth it birthday cards. If you thought the cake took a long time to pick out, the card took longer. But what do you expect?? Did Lewis and Clark travel to the pacific and back in a day? I don't think so...$4.95

So back I went to the office.

The card was signed, the flowers were vased, and candles were burning bright...

"Brittany, can you please come to the conference room?"

As she entered and saw my little display, I saw tears well up in her eyes....and I knew that she wouldn't be going anywhere...well at least not this week.   


  1. I guess when Liz worked there she got the cake and flowers from Ralphs.....

  2. what are you going to get me for my birthday? ;)