Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the Grind

January 4th.

I have been dreading this day.

The day when I will return to work.

Well at least now I have ample time to blog...

Highlights of my Winter Break!

1. The Focker Meeting: It was quite lovely...they got along famously. All my mom talks about now is "Matthews Parents" Which is FINE BY ME considering she usually talks to me about my finances.

2. Chloe: My darling boyfriend got my the most AMAZING Chloe perfume. I love it. I might go through the bottle in a matter of weeks as I spray it anytime I think about it, which is usually more than 3 times a day. (Don't worry, I only spray it on myself once...other times I spray it on my possessions ie. a book I am currently reading)

3. Sleeping in: I don't think that I woke up before 10 am the whole time I was off work...except for when I went to the Rosebowl (which was not a highlight, so you will not see anymore mention of it in this HIGHLIGHT list)

4. Christmas with the Family: They are really a fun bunch, I tell ya!

5. Packing up my current home: BECAUSE I AM MOOOOVING! I hate hate hate the place that I live at the moment. It is yucky and I despise it. So even though I am not moving until the end of the month, I am SO excited to be getting out of that hole that I packed myself up and am ready as soon as I find a place. Hasta la vista valley! (I currently live in the San Fernando Valley...but not for long!!)

And that is really all I can think of.

It was a lovely break, but now it is time to get back to the real world. Well until next week, when I leave for 5 days to Tahoe. Woo hoo!!

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