Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog in Hiding

I have an extremely addictive personality. Thanks to the powers that be, I am not addicted to anything that is too harmful...Here is a shortlist of some of my addictions. OR as I like to call them, My Guilty Pleasures.

1. The show "Intervention"...I am addicted to addicts! I am considering submitting myself for the show. Hello my name is Sarah. S-A-R-A-H...and I am an "Intervention" addict...I wonder where they would send me for help.

2. I have an odd food addiction. If I find something that I like I have to eat it as many times as possible in the shortest amount of time possible until I am completely put off by it. RIP Pad Se You & Chicken Lasagna...you both had a good run, but if I see you again I may die.

3. Hanes Her Way Tagless Nylon/Chiffon Bikini Underwear (my poor boyfriend.) I seriously cannot imagine my life without them. I feel like sending Hanes a thank you note for creating them.

4. Blogs. I love blogs madly. If there is a blog, I will read it. I read mommy-blogs, a daddy-blog, bride-to-be blogs, fashion blogs, blogs about people in perilous situations, happy blogs, sad blogs, blogs about blogs (blog is now the most foreign word to me, QUICK! Say it 1o times fast!)

More about this BLOG addiction. I love them. I sometimes dreamed about having my own blog. But insecurity always made me shy away from making that dream come to fruition. UNTIL...This day a couple of weeks ago when someone said to me, "HA! You should start a blog!"

To be honest, I think that they told me this to shut me up. I had one to many glasses of wine (two in total, I am a light weight {my lucky boyfriend}) and was going on and on about this girls blog that I read and how I have never met her, and how she is a part of my daily life because I read her blog, blah blah blah blah...

WELL...this little comment was just the ticket that I needed to set up shop. AND I DID! But I have yet to tell the masses (my mom, girlfriends, gay friends...) I have let a few people know...and I thought I will see there reaction and then decide what to do.

Well today, after being away from the laptop that I stole from my boyfriend (poor guy...) I logged onto my blog and HOLY COW! I had 2 new followers! I was so excited that my initial reaction was to turn off my computer! And then I called my mom well past her bedtime to tell her my excitement! She didn't answer her phone of course, so I will have to tell her tomorrow...

That being said, tomorrow I am sending out a mass email to my friends (how obnoxious) to tell them that I have a blog. Really, it will be easier for them...instead of talking to me on the phone, they can just check my rants on the internet and see if it interests them.

You know what...that might be a problem though...did I mention that I am also addicted to talking on the phone?

PS - Meet the Fockers pt. 2 to follow shortly...


  1. So glad you started a blog! And I share that same food addiction... RIP Baked potato cheese soup and lemon bars!

  2. me too! i love reading blogs. i don't really know why. i guess there is so much to learn from other people with different life experiences. happy new year!

  3. I loooove baked potatoe soup...thankfully I have not killed him as of yet...