Monday, September 13, 2010

While the cats away, the mouse stays busy...

Last Wednesday I woke up bright and early with a sad agenda.

I had to drop my boyfriend off at the airport.

He was to fly off to Nashville, Tennessee for a "boys weekend," which in Spanish directly translates to "TROUBLE." I really wasn't worried, it was five grown (and I assume stinky) men in an RV for 5 days. I bet he didn't even brush his teeth. 

So FUN was on the agenda...I was NOT going to stay at home moping because my prince charming was roughing it for a few days.

First order of business, my darling best friend Chad's 30th birthday. I believe he is in denial about turning 30, as he chose a place that slightly resembles Chuckey Cheese for his birthday.


...all while enjoying sushi and saki.

The place is called "Tokyo Delves" located in North Hollywood. I would only suggest going there if you were going with my friends. Because they know how to make it really fun. Unless your friends are really fun too...I mean, I guess that could work.
I filled the rest of the week hanging out with friends. I think that it is really interesting stuff, but I doubt you will.

But what I really find interesting is my Saturday night.

I had NO plans and had resigned myself to staying in and gorging on pizza with a depressing book and a box of tissues. Except I didn't have a box of tissues. A roll of toilet paper would have to suffice. When all of a sudden, my phone is jingle-jangling...who could it be? 

Oh just my friend David with a last minute invite to see the Scissor Sisters! 

Usually I do not accept last minute invites, but David is just wonderfully divine and I had to say yes! 

Please see below for wonderfully divine:
You want to know how fancy he is? Our tickets included VIP access, which meant that we got to avoid standing in the back of a sweaty crowd and stood comfortably above the mayhem with more then enough dancing room.

I was in GAY heaven!

First of all I love the Scissor Sisters...they are the

Second...I was in spitting distance (not like I would spit at him, RUDE!) of Rufus Wainwright. I know. I am still composing my open letter to him, claiming my love. He is everything that I wish that I could be. I beautiful gay man who has a beautiful voice, speaks French and plays the piano. And his boyfriend is REALLY cute too.

However, all good things must come to an end. I am picking up Matthew at 7:30 PM Pacific Standard Time.
Just kidding...I am really happy he is coming home! I have shelves that I need to be hung in my apartment!


  1. Sarah, your life is so much more cute than mine....

  2. Janelle, that is not have a cute baby!

  3. You look mahvelous - absolutely mahvelous!