Thursday, September 30, 2010

Green Tea is supposed to be good for you

There is one side of my family that is blessed with addictive personalities.

My grandma is addicted to keeping everything that she has ever touched.

My father is addicted to...well I wont go there.

My sister used to be addicted to cleaning out her high school locker.

I, being the level headed/ perfect/ flawless person that I am, thought that I had escaped this trait. I mean, almost 26 years without a serious addiction (well there was that episode with Zac Efron...) and I am pretty much convinced that I am out scot free.


I was wrong.

I have met my match.

 Ladies, Matthew, and that random person in Malta,

I would like to introduce you to the new love in my life. The Green Tea Frappuccino. My mouth waters just typing its name. I have not told anyone this, but I have at least one a day. The people at my local Starbucks are starting to recognize me. One of the Barista's even speaks to me in French, because one over a month ago...I told him that I wanted to learn the language. And the scary thing is, I think that I am starting to understand what he is saying.

This is a very unhealthy habit.

I can feel the pounds just multiplying in my mid section.        

It was really depressing today when I was reading some random blog and this girl was talking about how she has gained 4 lbs since she quit breast feeding. I HAVE GAINED 4 LBS SINCE THIS MORNING!

And I have no self control. I can't say no. If I drive part a Starbucks it is 0.7 seconds before I make a U-turn.

So I have come up with a plan.

I am going to drink as many of these bad boys as I can in one sitting...until I am absolutely sick. Isn't that what they tell people who are trying to quit smoking to do?

I will let you know how it goes.

Should I document this on video?



  1. You are right. THANK GOD I don't get paid for doing this.

  2. Another dumb egocentric chick who feels the world wants to know every dumb thing she's thinking.

  3. What retard goes around reading dumb egocentric chicks boring blogs, loser (fat prolly)

  4. Another "anonymous coward" posting a boring comment..yawn!