Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Polo In The Park

(My friend Lindsay and I enjoying Mimosas in my *CUTE* Pier One "vintage" glasses)

My darling boyfriend and I have been on a mission to add some excitement to our lives (not like we aren't extremely exciting already, it is just nice to know that we are on the cutting edge of excitement.) So when our friends Lindsay and JM asked us to join them for a POLO MATCH viewing we enthusiastically accepted. 

First of all, when was the last time you heard of someone going to a polo match? Like never. Unless you live in the Hamptons...and are a millionaire, or possibly a very high thousand-aire...OR a billionaire! Oprah must watch polo matches.

Anyways, Sunday rolled around and we had decided to bring a picnic brunch. Me, being completely anal retentive, decided that I needed to have a "fancy brunch" that would put Martha Stewart to shame. So I went off in search of a picnic basket. Do you know how hard it is to find a picnic basket? Really hard. If Little Red Riding Hood was in my situation, she might have saved her Grandma a lot of grief...

Determined to not show up with a Vons bag, I went to Pier One, where I hit the money load. No, I did not find a basket, but I did come across some things that are much more exciting...

How would you like to be served your iced cold mimosas from these!
 And to drink them out of these!


I am obsessed.

I am actually fighting with myself right now on whether I need to go to Pier One and buy more. Which I think I do...right??

PLUS! The blue cups are on sale for $2.00. A steal! You would have to pay $47.99 for one of these at Anthropologie...
Anyways! It was a success!
I bought a cute reusable bag and picnic cuteness was saved.
Now back to this polo match. It was so much fun!

We drank, ate and were merry...all while watching a sport which we knew little to nothing about.  Except for Lindsay, who had done some research the night before.
Although it was a little tough to wake up that early in the morning, it was totally worth it! 
If you are in the LA area, there are matches every weekend at Will Rogers Park in the Pacific Palisades. It is much more exciting than watching Meet The Press. TRUST me!


  1. YAY YOU HAVE A BLOG!! Very exciting.

  2. Welcome back! I need to go to Pier One, stat. ps...Update us on Janelle's new little one.

  3. you are way too cute miss Swift. I feel like Jax needs to grow up and play Polo

  4. Now I know how much money you spent on my birthday present! :)