Friday, August 27, 2010


I have a serious problem.

About a week ago my darling boyfriend shared a secret with me, and ever since it is all I can think about.


We were on our way home from a Rufus Wainwright concert (by the way I love him...I think that him and I are meant to be the best of friends, forever and always, amen) and we were STARVING! I had promised him that we could go to this Vietnamese restaurant that he was dying to go to, but all I could see was El Pollo Loco. I am crazy about that chicken. However, he was driving and I had no control over the situation.

As he pulled up to Pho2000, I cringed. This place definitely did NOT have an "A." I mean, I didn't see the sign...but if I did, I am sure it would have said "B." As in "B" weary.

We sit, and a sweet lady comes to take our order. Matthew orders me the oxtail pho.

Oh. My. God.

Where has this place been every time I had a cold, broke up with a boyfriend, was extra grumpy?! This is the kind of stuff that could cure every ailment worldwide! It is the most perfect combination of soup and noodle and mystery meat...I admit, I did not know what oxtail was. I asked when I was about 75% percent finished with it and Matthew told me it was monkey tail. I believed him for about 2.5 horrifying minutes and then just assumed it was cow. Which to my relief it is. Or hopefully that is what it was. Like I said...the place was a little suspect.

Anyways...after a long wait, we are going again tonight. And I am SO EXCITED! I never get this excited about food (that last statement was a blatant lie.)

What are you doing tonight?

Will you be dining on Pho as well? 

I will leave you with a list of my favorite (real life) Pho restaurant names:

  1. 9021PHO (Beverly Hills, CA)
  2. Pho King (Chatsworth, CA)
  3. Pho Show (Culver City, CA)
  4. Absolutely Pho-bulous (West Hollywood, CA)...(OF COURSE!)


  1. I have yet to try the "Pho-King Delicious" restaurant in Chatsworth..but everytime I drive by, I crack up at the name.

  2. I can definitely identify with this post. I was Pho crazy for awhile there. I actually was hoping I would get a cold the other day because there really is nothing better than a Pho with a cold. Lots of sriracha! I haven't branched out though, I always get beef. I'll have to give oxtail a try!

    My place of choice is called "What the Pho".

  3. mystery meats scare me.... except for the tacos at Jack in the Box