Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School

Ok seriously...what a cutie...

When I was in my teens I dreaded school. The mere thought of it and I felt a shock right through with a bolt of blue (name that song.) I was extremely shy in the classroom (a quality I quickly dropped on breaks or lunch,) had a gnarly case of A.D.D., and for lack of a better word, unmotivated. For these reasons I avoided school like the plague...which now that I think about it would have been a good excuse for not going. People with the plague should definitely not be in school. It is apparently really contagious. 
So instead of strapping down and being serious about school, I was serious about hopping fences. And shopping at the mall. And meeting boys at the movies. And anything else that involves NOT being at school. My poor mother. I put her through hell.

One thing that I did not realize at the time was that this behavior was not conducive to graduating with honors, getting into an ivy league school, joining a sorority where I would meet my future husband, graduating summa cum laude and FINALLY taking over the Universe. Where were my priorities? I must have left them in home room...

So that was about 7 years ago (gasp!) and since then I have been playing around with the idea of actually one day obtaining a degree that I can hang in my fancy office. I would sign up for classes, go for a month, drop them...sign up for classes, go for 2 weeks, drop them....sign up for classes, forget that I signed up for classes, never go....I mean, I got some credits under my belt, but nothing to sneeze at.

So awhile ago I was talking with one of my girlfriends about this travesty of a person that we are both acquainted with. And I said, "I mean, this travesty of a person has nothing going on in their lives! Why don't they just go and get a degree!?" And then I got a sinking feeling in my stomach, because I thought...why don't I just go get a degree? What made me all high and mighty? I was no better than her. Just because I have a nice cooshy job that my dad gave me does not make me any better than "the travesty." Maybe this was just their jumping fences faze.

I felt like a loser.

And a hippo-crit. (I like hippo-crit better than hypocrite. Hippo-crit reminds me of a cute hippopotamus!)

So I snapped into action, and like an un-hypocritical super hero I signed up for classes at a very GLAMOROUS junior college...and now I am about to start my 3rd consecutive semester as a full time student. And I have to say, that it feels quite lovely. Mostly because I am getting good grades. If I was getting bad grades I would imagine it would feel not as lovely.

And although I did not get into an Ivy League school (yet!)...(you never know)...and did not join a sorority where I met my husband (I think I landed a pretty good boyfriend besides)...I might just still have a chance at taking over the Universe. That is if Obama doesn't beat me...Or I run into a really good fence to hop over... 


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  1. Ok so do you remember when we signed up for classes at Moorpark and i fell oh so deep in love with our hairy science teacher!! haha oh man those were the days... all 2 weeks worth