Friday, April 23, 2010

Just GORGEOUS Dahling

The gorgeous and divine Lexi at We're really great! thinks that I am gorgeous and divine too!

Well...that my blog is gorgeous. BUT, like I always say, "you are what you blog." Well. I don't always say that. I say, "you are what you eat," in which case I am a pita.

Les R├Ęgles (that's "The Rules" in French)
  •  Accept and thank the fellow blogger who gave this to you
  • List 10 things about yourself
  • List 5 additional things that you don't like
  • Award this to 10 other fellow bloggers
Dear Lexi,

I have written you a lot of letters on my blog (well actually 2.) Thank you for the award!



  1. I buy a lot of books. I don't necessarily read them. They are the favorite of my possessions. When I was little I watched Beauty and the Beast and took that library scene a little too seriously.
  2. I have an unnatural love for Zac Efrom (sorry Matthew.) I have watched '17 Again' four billion times. I just can't get enough of him. I know it is wrong, but it feels so right.   
  3. I am an avid tea drinker and consider people who drink coffee insupperior (sorry Matthew.)
  4. I am extra nice to people who operate drive-through windows. Like bend-over-backwards-ask-them-how-their-day-is-going nice. Not like I ever eat fast food or anything.
  5. I say really obnoxious things like "oh goody gum drops" and "dang a lang a ding dong."
  6. I like to watch really depressing documentary's. Or at least I THINK I like watching really depressing documentary's, because I do it all the time. I don't know why I would put myself through all the tears and heart ache if I didn't really like it...right?
  7. I know the words to a lot of songs. Turn on the radio, and no matter what station I will be singing along. Matthew hates this. He can't listen to a song in peace. I can't help it though. I twitch if I can't sing along.
  8. I talk a lot. Blah blah blah...Never stop. Someone get some duct tape to shut this broad up - WILL YA!
  9.  If I am eating Starburst I have to have to so I can chew one on one side and one on the other. Because it has to be even. I will put this quirk in the OCD file. 
  10. When leaving voice mails for my friend Lauren or my sister, I will often sing them songs I made up about what it is I wanted to tell them. Really, really weird. AND on top of that, I don't even think that they listen to them. Which is really rude on their part, if you ask me.
Ok...this confused I supposed to write things that I don't like about myself or things that I don't like in general? I would rather list things that I don't like, so that is what I will do.
  1. I do not like Asparagus. For years I couldn't even handle someone saying its name...It haunts my dreams. 
  2. I hate when people around me are eating and I am not eating.
  3. I hate really drunk girls (myself not included.) But, you know, the desperate "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!" ones. One day I will host a rehabilitation center for these types. Charm School II.
  4. I hate serious politics. I like to make fun of it. I like it when other people are making fun of it. But if you want to sit and rant and rave at me about health care, then I will not be listening.
  5. Peepholes. They really creep me out. I hate looking through them and walking by doors with them. Where this came from, I have no clue.
Passing it on...

  1. Hannah  -  who just got engaged! I envision very exciting things to come on her blog!
  2. "Jay" - who is setting off for an exciting international TRIP!
Ok...that is really all I can think of...

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      1. Haha Sarah, you are so cute slash funny! :)

        I love number 5!

        Thanks for my blogland award!